ALBEMARLE COUNTY, Va. (CBS19 NEWS) -- It might be winter break, but 150 Albemarle County students are back in the classrooms this week.

"Math. Now I'm very good at it," said third grader Riley Knight.

They're doing extra work to improve their skills.

"When you get back from school you'll be better at everything,” he said.

Students were invited to the camp based on their Standards of Learning scores.

"The break can be long for some students, especially students that need a little extra practice," said Craig Dommer, director of instruction for tiered supports.

The program is a part of Governor Glenn Youngkin’s All in Virginia initiative. Albemarle County Public Schools was given more than $1 million to implement high-intensity tutoring programs and combat learning loss.

"What can we already build on and what can we make sure that we strengthen? So that when the kids are seeing SOLs, they aren't frightened of a test," said Chiaka Hofmann, an instructional coach.

Students were split into small groups by grade level.

"We can give them that extra math time if that's the avenue they're passionate in," Hofmann said.

“You get to use a pencil and write everything and your hand starts to hurt. but I don't really care,” said Knight about practicing math.

The program is free and provides breakfast and lunch as well as other activities until 5 p.m.

"Our gaps are worse sometimes in our schools, kind of in the urban ring, and so by placing the program here we ran bus routes through the neighborhoods around during the middle school and career elementary school," Dommer said.

The school division is looking to put high-intensity tutoring in the school day in the spring. There will also be another camp over spring break with 500 kids.