CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (CBS19 NEWS) -- Residents in the Rose Hill neighborhood are fearing for their safety after allegedly encountering multiple situations involving criminal activity.

Multiple people have reached out to CBS19 in the past few weeks regarding alleged crime activity taking place in the area. 

One woman says her husband was shot at after he heard disruption outside of their home off of Charlton Ave. 

“He had come out on the sidewalk, and the gentleman started up Charlton and then fired five shots straight back towards my husband. He hit a house three times, a house that is here behind us,” resident Hannah Burnley said. 

The Charlottesville Police Department has not released any more information at this time regarding the shots fired incident. 

Other neighbors are concerned there is not enough being done about the situations they have encountered. 

"It’s difficult staying positive about the neighborhood. We know the police are trying to do what they can but it just seems like a resource issue. Really something that the city council needs to be taking a look at. Rose Hill needs to be made a priority,” resident Kerry Rock said. 

Rock explained that he has met with Charlottesville police but wanted to bring more awareness to their concerns. 

Charlottesville police said no injuries were reported and five cartridge casings were located on the scene.