NELSON COUNTY, Va. (CBS19 NEWS) -- Belties, a farmhouse cafe, is currently in the works in downtown Nellysford in Nelson County.

"It's going to include a complete experience where at the core of it are going to be our darling Beltie cows, miniature Belties, which are really the brand promise and are really the core of our values for the entire experience," said Scott DeFusco, one of the co-founders of Belties.

The Belties project was started by Bold Rock Hard Cider founder John Washburn along with DeFusco, and has a goal of filling a gap in the Nelson County area.

"There's a bit of a breakfast desert here," Washburn said. "I would talk to people at Bold Rock, (asking) 'Where'd you have breakfast' and they'd go well, we went to Waynesboro, we went to Charlottesville, we went to Lynchburg, and I thought that's another way to get people together and enjoy drinks and I learned at Bold Rock drinks bring people together."

The drinks at Belties will be coffee. The coffee will be roasted on site and brewed on-demand. The restaurant will be open for breakfast, brunch, and lunch, offering items like biscuits and waffles.

But the real product is the experience with the miniature Beltie cows. These cows, also known as Belted Galloways, are known for their distinctive white belt encircling their body.

"They'll come up, especially if you have feed, they'll eat out of your hand, they're absolutely adorable," DeFusco said.

The Belties property will be a working farm, and the cows will live there. In total, four cows will live on-site.

"There is going to be a lot of attention on the outside, we're going to have what we call the Belties park, which consists of the barn which is going to be a working barn, they will go in at night, they will get their hay there, so there will be a lot for people to see, that is a real working farm," DeFusco said. "We wanted to stay away from something that is kitschy and gimmicky. We really want to make it authentic, because it is going to be authentic."

DeFusco and Washburn anticipate people will come from both near and far, as they won't be able to find an experience like this anywhere else.

"Overall they'll have a unique experience, a different experience. This is the furthest thing from a chain restaurant that you can imagine," Washburn said.

The plans call for building a new farmhouse, complete with a wraparound porch, and will seat about 70 people between the inside and outside. 

There had been a farmhouse on the property, which Washburn and DeFusco intended to use, but they were unable to do so and it had to be torn down due to asbestos and structural concerns. However, the new building will fit right in with the area.

"This will be a rural, barn-themed farmhouse and it sounds a little gushy, but we love Nelson County," Washburn said. "We want to be a part of the fabric of Nelson."

Groundwork is already underway at Belties. An opening is anticipated in fall or winter of 2024.