CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (CBS19 NEWS) -- UVA’s Alderman Library opened its doors Monday for the first time since undergoing renovations starting back in 2020. 

The beloved library now features a more modern, up to date portion of the building, with still parts of UVA history intertwined. 

The renovations began in the winter of 2020 to make the library more accessible for all. 

“The building was not up to code, we didn't have ways to put out fires, the wayfinding was not great, so this was just fixing all of that and making this a lighter, brighter, easier place to navigate," Executive Director of Communications Elyse Girard said. 

The new library still holds some Easter eggs of the more aged parts of the building including exterior brick walls, and pieces from the Rotunda, which was the first library for UVA students when it was founded.