CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (CBS19 NEWS) -- The high winds are dangerous to trees, power lines, and cars.

Lou Hatter with the Virginia Department of Transportation said most cars are okay to drive in the high winds, but high-profile vehicles like vans and tractor trailers are vulnerable.

He said to leave space between yourself and other cars and pay attention.

But the biggest danger is from downed trees and power lines.

"A rural road or a back road, you come around the corner and there's a tree or some debris in the roadway. It's a particular concern at night. You don't have as much visibility, it's harder to see things. So, we really caution people to be careful when they're driving at night and in periods of high wind," Hatter said.

The weather forecast is ever changing and Hatter said VDOT is prepared to respond to all possible conditions.

He encourages people to be aware of the forecast at their starting point and destination because conditions change very quickly and to keep emergency kit in the car.