CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (CBS19 NEWS) -- Sue Clements, the owner of Reid's Super Save Market, said she got a message that someone had set up a GoFundMe for her family business a few days ago.

"It was sort of a surprise and I think just another sign that the community wants us here," she said.

Reid's has been having trouble keeping shelves stocked since last year.

"Things have changed. The neighborhood demographics are different. The cost of everything from employees to stock and everything else has gone up," Clements said.

Longtime Reid’s shopper Megan Salgado set up the fundraiser.

"Reid's is critical to the community." Salgado said.

If Reid’s were to leave, the 10th and Page and Rose Hill neighborhoods would be in a food desert, as the next closest store is two miles away.

Clements says the money they're getting from the GoFundMe can go towards restocking the shelves that haven't gotten as much attention during the restocking process.

Some questions have popped up online about the use of the GoFundMe to keep a business afloat.

"They're good questions, they're legitimate questions," Clements answered.

She said they are making changes, like different employee hours, shortened operating hours, new distributors, and more products.

She didn't ask for the GoFundMe, but said it will be a big boost as she revamps the business model.

“Reid's is a big part of the culture of our town,” Salgado said.

Proving that point: the Bodo's Bagels across the street made a $1,000 donation to help keep the community staple open.

“I can't tell you how many times I've gone to read and like run into my neighbor,” Salgado said.