CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (CBS19 NEWS) -- The Center at Belvedere is being highlighted for its reductions in carbon emissions.

The Community Climate Collaborative has released a new case study showcasing significant reductions in carbon emissions at the new facility.

According to a release, this is through the Green Business Alliance, a group of like-minded mid- and large-size businesses that say they want to manage their energy use, reduce costs, mitigate risk and reduce their climate impact.

“In April 2022, I was taking over for a former colleague and learned that an aggressive goal was set for The Center’s carbon emissions rate. I thought to myself ‘This is impossible,’ but I went to GBA meetings and I was a sponge for anything that would help us hit those benchmarks,” said Center Facilities Manager Trevor Saunders. “It’s a huge support system; we’re all in it together to reduce our carbon footprint.”

The center’s partnership with C3 has included LED lights and sensors, variable refrigerant HVAC, a rooftop solar array, and more, with these energy efficiency solutions reducing the facility’s impact and utility bills.

Since 2019, the case study finds the Center at Belvedere has reduced emissions by 50,3000 kgCO2, reduced its carbon footprint by 56 percent, realized gas savings of 60 percent, and realized electric savings of 49 percent.

“The Center at Belvedere is the perfect example of how smart investment and commitment to action can yield extraordinary results. They are leading the way in our GBA cohort and showing the path forward for other members,” said Coles Jennings, the director of corporate sustainability at C3. “The Center’s senior leadership, including both Peter Thompson and Melanie Benjamin, deserve immense credit for charting a climate-friendly vision and investing significantly in a state-of-the-art facility. And Trevor Saunders, Facility Manager, is the boots-on-the-ground climate hero that every organization needs to get these kinds of results. Someone has to be willing to put in the daily work to steer the ship and get the most out of these investments, which is why it was an easy choice to make Trevor our 2023 Climate Champion.”

For more information about the Green Business Alliance, click here.