CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (CBS19 NEWS) -- A man from Charlottesville has been arrested for allegedly running a prostitution ring in multiple states.

According to a release, 42-year-old Brian Lamont Turner was arrested Wednesday morning following an hours-long standoff with law enforcement on St. Charles Avenue.

He is charged with one count of violating the federal Mann Act, a law criminalizing the transportation of any woman or girl for the purpose of prostitution.

Turner reportedly posted hundreds of commercial sex ads for adult women in various cities in Virginia, the Carolinas, Maryland and Pennsylvania.

Court documents say that in February 2023, the FBI received several reports from local law enforcement agencies that identified Turner and adult females suspected of engaging in commercial sex acts.

The investigation found an account on the commercial sex website registered to an email address that Turner was known to use.

The release says this account was responsible for posting hundreds of commercial sex advertisements across multiple states.

The court documents also show one of the most recent listings was posted on Jan. 17, advertising to the Charlottesville area.

Turner reportedly controlled all or almost all aspects of arranging “dates” with the women.

He is accused of creating advertisements, communicating with customers and scheduling dates.

Text messages also show he provided instructions and information to victims about the dates, such as how long they were scheduled to last and how much money they would need to charge the customer.

Additionally, Turner transported the adult victims to and from hotels and often stayed in the hotel parking lot or another hotel room while the victims saw customers.

He is alleged to have specifically targeted women with drug addictions, recruiting them and using their addictions to control them.

Turners reportedly became the main source of the women’s drugs and threatened to withhold them from the women if they did not complete their “dates” or follow his directions.

Officials report Turner is also known to possess a firearm and has used it to compel victims to obey.

The FBI is investigating the case.

The Charlottesville and Albemarle County police departments assisted with the arrest, which began with a standoff on Tuesday afternoon.