CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (CBS19 NEWS) -- The FBI arrested a Charlottesville man for allegedly running a prostitution ring after a 15-hour standoff at a house on St. Charles Ave. 

They arrested Brian Lamont Turner, the alleged head of a ring spanning the East Coast they have been investigating for almost a year. 

The 42-year-old is facing federal prostitution and drug charges under an anti-human trafficking law. 

The FBI used tactics like flash bangs to eventually get one woman out of the house and take Turner into custody. 

“I heard three booms,” said Amy McLeskey, who lives nearby. 

The FBI said they found an online account that Turner was using to post prostitution advertisements on a sex website. 

One of the meetups was posted for Charlottesville last week. 

Turner allegedly targeted women with drug problems and withheld drugs as a tool to control the victims. 

"Terrible. I have three kids. One of them is a daughter. I'm glad they caught him," said William Watson, who lives nearby. 

This arrest is far from Turner’s first. Among charges for cocaine and assaulting police officers, he was arrested for allegedly running a prostitution ring in 2019. 

He became a fugitive from justice after being released on bond and skipping his court date. Then he was arrested months later in South Carolina for allegedly sexually assaulting a woman at gunpoint. 

"It's a shame, I guess stuff happens everywhere now," McLeskey said. 

Watson said he moved his family to Charlottesville to get away from stuff like this. 

"We moved here from California about three years ago, and we moved here because it's a small town, it's a university town, it's a safe place to raise your children. This is the kind of stuff they've got in the Bay Area and it's scary,"  he said.