RICHMOND, Va. (CBS19 NEWS) -- A man from Richmond is going to prison for possession of a machine gun.

According to a release, 23-year-old Dai’Quan Jarrvel Lane was sentenced Wednesday to two years in prison on that charge and for possessing ammunition as a felon.

Court documents show that on Feb. 1, 2023, Richmond Police Department detectives saw Lane displaying a firearm in a live social media video feed.

They knew he was a convicted felon, and based on previous encounters with him, they believed Lane to be in the Whitcomb Court area at that time.

Officers got to Whitcomb Court within minutes of the video ending and found Lane outside.

When the officers tried to stop him, Lane ran and led the officers on a chase. During that chase, he tossed a firearm.

The release says the firearm was a privately made firearm with a machine-gun conversion device on the back. The weapon was loaded and had a 30-round extended magazine.

When he was captured, Lane admitted that he not only possessed the firearm but that he was heading out to sell it for $750.