CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (CBS19 NEWS) -- After a $118 billion agreement tied to national security was released on Sunday conservatives in the House were quick to oppose it. This includes 5th district House representative Bob Good, who took to X saying in part, “The terrible $118 billion supplemental worsens the border invasion… Americans will see which Republicans are on their side based on who supports or opposes this disaster.”

The package includes $20.23 billion to help stop the flow of fentanyl and other narcotics at the border, along with beefing up the number of agents on patrol.

“All the things that Donald Trump asked for in 2018, all the things my Republican friends asked for earlier in the year,” says Senator Mark Warner on CNBC. He says this has taken a long time to negotiate. 

“We now are giving what is needed, a significant change of the law and the question is going to be: The folks who have asked for it, are they going to take the deal or are we going to say no, we don’t want to take the deal?” he adds.

Meanwhile, 7th District Representative Abigail Spanberger says in a statement, “That's why lawmakers in both parties should be working to fix our broken immigration system, reduce illegal crossings, combat fentanyl, and strengthen the security of our southern border. That's also why I'm deeply disappointed that some of my House Republican colleagues are threatening to tank this bipartisan deal and jeopardize America's national security.”

Senator Tim Kaine says this is something he’s wanted for a long time.

“I have long pushed for comprehensive immigration reform, including boosting border security. I’m glad President Biden asked Congress to provide funding to improve safety along our border. We are working on legislation to do just that,” he said.

The Senate can vote on this as early as Wednesday.