CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (CBS19 NEWS) -- St Anne’s-Belfield alumna LaRissa Rogers was recently named to the Forbes '30 under 30' list for her impact on the art world.

Rogers learned at a young age that her talents belonged on paper rather than on a basketball court.

“It really had to do with Phil Stinnie, who was my basketball coach at St Anne's, that really just influenced the trajectory of my art-making,” said Rogers, who hails from Ruckersville.

Now, Rogers wants to have that same impact on young Charlottesville artists and show that there is so much potential here to create something beautiful.

Using history around her, Rogers collaborated with Luis Vasquez La Roche to start the 'Operations of Care' exhibit at Visible Records.

“We were asked by Reclaiming the Monument to propose an alternative monument that could be in relationship to the former monuments that were in Richmond and through Virginia,” said Rogers.

This garden consists of three structures made from tabby, a mixture of lime, sand, and water that enslaved Africans and Black communities historically used as a substitute for concrete. 

The exhibit is meant to be interactive for anyone who sees it. Visitors have conversations regarding what once stood here, while planting things people can now use in the community.

“A lot of those foods that we are growing in there is going towards the free fridge at Visible Records, in partnership with some of the other community gardens that they have,” said Rogers. 

Through collaborating as a young artist, Rogers was able to learn one of the most beneficial lessons you can have in this career, and used that when creating this exhibit.

“With this project, with 'Operations of Care,' it's such a team effort not only between my collaborator but also the organizations that backed us. It's such a team effort, and that makes everything seem so much more attainable because you can actually do bigger things with the more manpower that you have,” said Rogers.