CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (CBS19 NEWS) -- Court documents are revealing more facts about Brian Lamont Turner, the man accused of running the prostitution ring, and his actions. And the Greene County man accused of sex crimes involving a child was denied bond.

"It's a very serious charge that could be added on to the problems he's already facing," said legal analyst Scott Goodman.

Court documents show 42-year-old Brian Lamont Turner, the man the FBI arrested for allegedly running a prostitution ring, held at least two hostages during the 18-hour standoff leading to his arrest.

Legal analyst Scott Goodman says Turner could face abduction charges.

"If there's two people, there could be two charges," said Goodman.

Turner is also accused of violating the Mann Act. It's a federal law that criminalizes the transportation of any woman or girl for the purpose of prostitution.

FBI officers say that Turner barricaded himself, one of his alleged trafficking victims, and a two-year-old grandson in that home on St. Charles Avenue as a way to avoid arrest.

Officers say he used drugs as a way to control the women he trafficked and made them go on commercial sex dates he advertised. Turner is still in federal custody.

Up the road in Greene County, a Ruckersville pastor is accused of sex crimes involving a child at his church. He was denied bond on Thursday.

According to Goodman, for any kind of sexual offense, it's very difficult to get a bond.

"Because if the allegation is strong enough, it shows that this person is disposed to that type of conduct, and so all young people are at risk," he said.

The judge at the Greene County juvenile and domestic relations court said Thursday morning she thought Rodney Locklear, the senior pastor at Victory Church, was still a danger to the community when making the ruling.

The 47-year-old is charged with abduction with intent to defile and two counts of aggravated sexual battery of someone aged 13 to 14.

At this time, investigators don't believe there are other incidents, but they are asking parents to talk to their kids who may have gone to an event at the church.

"It could very well be that young people who have been victimized have kept quiet about it. And now that it's out, parents who know that their child has been around this pastor will ask those children," said Goodman. 

Locklear will next be in court on March 7th.