CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (CBS19 NEWS) -- “Motherhood is a workout in itself, and we want moms to feel good and feel strong,” said Kira Sullivan, the owner of OneFit Mother.

And that’s what OneFit Mother does, they help local moms in a fun workout environment feel like the best version of themselves through exercise.

Sullivan leads these “mom” workouts and provides Charlottesville women with professionally designed workouts, health and wellness education, and an unparalleled community of support. 

“All of our instructors are pre- and post-natal certified, so we modify the workouts so they are appropriate for every stage of postpartum,” said Sullivan.

This exercise program brings together a community of mothers, who are supporting one another throughout all the challenges motherhood can bring.

"Studies show that connection and community are directly related to postpartum depression, and a lot of moms struggle and the baby blues. And I feel like the connection and community that OneFit Mother offers is so valuable and important," said Sullivan.

There is a class for every age, every fitness level, for moms at any stage of life.

“We have a very successful 5:45 a.m. early bird class. We also have our popular 9:30 a.m. class, both of those are a combination of cardio, strength, core and flexibility," added Sullivan.

And now is the perfect time to join one of these workout classes, as OneFit Mother is preparing to launch their 16th annual Wellness Challenge.

“We have interaction every day in our accountability group with the trainers and lots of outside educational partners who provide lots of wellness information for moms,” added Sullivan.

This encouraging and fun environment shows that working out can easily be integrated into a busy mom's routine and includes fun ways to adapt normal mom activities into exercise.

“I think we are getting functionally fit for motherhood,” said Sullivan.

Moms who want to up their fitness game this year can click here for class information.