CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (CBS19 NEWS) -- Nikki Haley has suspended her presidential campaign after nearly being swept by Donald Trump in the Republican primary on Super Tuesday.

"With this primary season being as boring as it is, protest voting for us was kind of the highlight of a lot of these contests," said J. Miles Coleman with the UVA Center for Politics.

Coleman says Haley struggled to win because she didn't have the support of most registered Republicans. But Dr. Larry Sabato, director of the UVA Center for Politics, says moderates, independents, and non-Republicans helped her.

"Her supporters are kind of a ragtag bunch, they are impressive people, but they are ragtag," he said.

But where will these votes go now?

"There are lots of pieces to this and you can't just transfer her 30% or 35% into one person's column," said Sabato.

Both Trump and Biden will have to work for them.

Trump attacked Biden while speaking to his supporters at Mar-a-Lago after winning.

"He's the worst President in the history of our country. There's never been anything like what's happening to our country," said Trump.

Biden, on the other hand, hasn't said much after winning his victories in the Democratic primary. Sabato believes that he is waiting to address the nation during Thursday's State of the Union.

But, he says Biden needs to do a list of things to be effective and potentially win over those who voted for Haley.

"Look presidential, act presidential, and touch on the issues that people actually care about," he said.

For Biden, his speech will also be a chance to share his vision for what still needs to be done. He will address Congress at the United States Capitol on Thursday at 9 p.m.