CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (CBS19 NEWS) -- The Charlottesville City Council recently held a work session to discuss the city budget for fiscal year 2025.

Councilors specifically focused on the Capital Improvement Plan.

Councilor Brian Pinkston says working on the CIP has been the easiest part of the budget process.

On Thursday night, they talked about various projects that the city has been considering for a while, including public and affordable housing projects as well as sidewalk improvements.

Pinkston believes the city is in a much better position now than it was two years ago, because it feels like there is more progress being made on projects.

He says there has been challenges this budget season, with requests for operational funding to pay city staff appropriately, but discussing the CIP has been relatively easy.

"We've spent a couple years getting something lined up so that we could pretty much agree with what's on that list. So, I'm really excited about the CIP this year. I think its going to bring a lot of, everything from splash pools for kids, to removing invasive species, to housing projects, to sidewalks, to schools," he said.

Thursday night's meeting also doubled as a public hearing. Pinkston says only one person spoke.

There will be another public hearing on April 1 and the council will vote on whether to adopt the budget before April 15. Pinkston is confident this will pass.