CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (CBS19 SPORTS) -- Being the number 1 singles player on your team is pressure in itself. Add only two losses to that this year. That's what Cooper Weiss faces every time he steps on the court.

"I'm pretty calm even though on the inside I might not be," Weiss said. "I have a pretty even keel demeanor. I try not to show my opponents if I'm scared or tired."

A big part of that success this season has been the physical aspect of the game -- getting stronger and prioritizing the weight room.

"I just love weightlifting and I was just trying to get bigger, stronger, faster and it has definitely helped with tennis a lot," Weiss said. "My opponents get tired about halfway through the match and my fitness level has been what brings the match home."

"I look at Cooper as the version of myself that I aspired to be when I was younger and so as a coach," Covenant boys tennis coach Andrew Juge said. "When you realize his potential goes so much farther than what I was a as player, it's really important for me to come in everyday motivated to get the most out of him."

That physical strength came in handy in a win over rival STAB just last month.

"It felt great especially losing that match last year," Weiss said. "It was a close match and that singles match was hanging over my head for a while, so it felt good to finally get my get back and get the win."

With his final high school tennis season winding down, keeping his strong start is not his only focus. He wants to share the shine with the rest of his teammates.

"North Cross is the team that we want to beat, so we have stuff that we need to work on, but I think it's doable and I think we can come out on top in the conference."

Weiss plans on attending Purdue University next year and will continue his tennis career on the club team.