CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (CBS19 NEWS) -- "We, members of the Law School faculty, write to express strong support for President Jim Ryan" was the opening line of the statement released by the University of Virginia School of Law concerning Ryan's response to the pro-Palestinian protest encampment on UVA Grounds.

The statement read, "We all agree that President Ryan and his leadership team made the decision to intervene with the best interest of the University, the students, and the wider UVA community in mind."

This intervention included local and state police teaming up after UVA officials claim there were policy violations and possible threats of violence.

After several warnings, which first started at 8 a.m. May 4, Virginia State Police moved into the encampment, wearing riot gear, to remove the protesters and take down the encampment. 

The statement also gives a snapshot of Ryan's history with the School of Law, mentioning that he attended, taught, served as vice dean of the school, and also sponsors a scholarship for students. 

The statement, signed by 57 faculty members, refers to his guidance through the pandemic, along with his support as the community grieved the loss of the three slain football players in November of 2022. 

Several professors have been contacted for comment, but they have not responded.