CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (CBS19 NEWS) -- UVA Final Exercises, also known as graduation, is making a lasting impact on local businesses as thousands of students prepare to graduate. 

Two businesses say graduation is the biggest event they host and it’s been taking them weeks to prepare. 

“Graduation is always our busiest weekend every year, so the impact is enormous for us,” said Scott Greer, director of sales and marketing for the Omni Hotel. He said that graduation is not only making an impact on the hotel, but it’s also also hitting the businesses on the Downtown Mall. 

“We’ll probably have 450 people in the hotel. It’s a big deal for where our location is for these parents coming here,” said Greer.

Only a half mile down the road from the Omni Hotel, Three Notch’d Brewing Company is getting ready to feed some of those visitors, including a big group from the McIntire School of Commerce. 

“Yeah, 800 people are coming on Saturday morning,” said Justin Butler, the general manager of Three Notch'd. He says they like to use this time to show off why students love to go there.

“We’ve been preparing for the last couple of weeks. Kind of getting products in, getting things prepped, getting things ready to go so we’re not doing everything Saturday morning,” said Butler.

At the Omni, they want to show off too.

“This is the conservatory, it’s a part of our $50-million renovation that was completed in November of last year. So, it’s a new amenity that we expect parents and students coming here to really enjoy it during their stay downtown,” said Greer.

Both businesses agree this is their biggest event all year, but over the last few months, they’ve been slowly building up to this moment.

“So, we see them come back in again for family weekends and everything else. It all starts with graduation. It all leads up to it,” said Greer.

“UVA has a huge impact on us all year long. Whether it’s graduation, whether it’s just throughout the year, we do a lot of events with different schools and different groups, sororities, fraternities, and all the things,” said Butler.