ORANGE COUNTY, Va. (CBS19 NEWS) -- Orange County Public School Board meeting drew in a crowd of community members wanting to share their thoughts following the board's vote to withdraw from the Virginia School Board Association.

There were a number of people who came out to support both sides, in support of withdrawing from the VSBA and continuing their membership with VSBA. 

During the meeting on May 20th, three school board members voted to discontinue Orange County’s membership with the Virginia School Board Association. A member of the school board said the VSBA is a social monopoly, they lobby for things she’s against, and she’s heard them “mock” anyone with a conservative viewpoint, which she has. 

During the meeting community members weighed in.

“The extremist on this board deliberately silence public voices before acting on their own political agendas. Chelsea Quintern, the goal you have for the public stating this is a move to make our schools more nonpartisan is appalling. You ran for a nonpartisan position with your name under a political party,” said Sarah Yeager, a community member.

“I applaud the three who took that bold stand. The three who are more concerned about the education of our children instead of the indoctrination of our children here in Orange County,” said community member Donna Pugh.

There were over 50 community members in attendance and upwards of 20 people shared their opinions.

It's unclear if the discussion could have changed board members' perspectives.