CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (CBS19 NEWS) -- Democrat Paul Riley has his sights set on Congress and says it's time to say goodbye to Republican Bob Good. Originally from New York, Riley served in the Army before coming to Central Virginia to work for the National Ground Intelligence Center, and now, he's stepping up to the plate for the Fifth District seat.

"We are going to fire Bob Good, and we are going to move on," said Riley. "We are going to get a Congress where we can build consensus and we can communicate with each other and compromise to get things done for this country."

As a father to a daughter, Riley says women's rights are a key issue and focus of his campaign.

"I am fighting for women's rights and as I go around talking to people, it is No. 1 on their plate right now, surprisingly above finances or anything else," said Riley. "Because they see what's kind of happening and they may even take away contraception now."

He says he's also concerned about taxes and protecting Social Security benefits for the older population.

"We have an older population, my mother-in-law is one of those and they rely on Social Security," said Riley.

And while the Democratic candidates face a challenge in turning the Fifth District blue, Riley says the shift is possible if people actually get to the polls.

"There may be more Republicans that vote but I think this time around there may be more Democrats that vote and I think there will be a lot of Republicans that come to the middle because they want to see work done and not have it in a gridlock they have seen," said Riley.

Paul Riley will be running against Gloria Witt and Gary Terry in the primary race set for June 18.