ATLANTA (CBS19 NEWS) -- The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says a salmonella outbreak has sickened more than 160 people in 25 states, including Virginia.

According to a release, this outbreak has been linked to cucumbers, but further testing is underway.

Fresh Start Produce Sales Inc. has recalled whole cucumbers that were grown in Florida and potentially contaminated produce should no longer be available in stores.

Recalled cucumbers include ones sold in bulk to retail distribution centers, wholesalers and food service distributors in 14 states. Some of these may have then been shipped to other states or repackaged for sale in stores.

The cucumbers were initially shipped to Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Maryland, North Carolina, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia and West Virginia between May 17 and May 21.

This recall does not affect English cucumbers or mini cucumbers.

Salmonella symptoms can include diarrhea that lasts for more than three days without improvement, a fever higher than 102 degrees Fahrenheit, bloody diarrhea, vomiting that prevents the keeping of liquids down, and dehydration.

The CDC says most infected people will experience diarrhea, fever and stomach cramps, usually starting between six hours and six days after exposure.

Most will recover within four to seven days without seeking medical treatment, but this outbreak has hospitalized 54 people. No deaths have been reported in connection with this outbreak.

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