CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (CBS19 NEWS) -- After receiving an endorsement from former President Donald Trump, Republican John McGuire says his campaign tactics are to stay steady, and says he is confident that he can beat Bob Good in the 5th District primary. 

“I am going to pretend I am 20 points behind. I am going to keep knocking, making phone calls, and keep doing all the things you have to do to win and save our country,” John McGuire said

McGuire, a retired navy seal and father of five, says his political beliefs start with a simple core principle.

“I believe in a limited government. That is the government accountable to the people, not the people accountable to the government. I believe our children have less freedom today than we had,” McGuire said.

One of his current priorities in the state senate is one he would like to bring with him to Capitol Hill, and that’s to crack down on drugs.

“I call it Chinese chemical warfare. This fentanyl is being made in China and is coming across our open southern border and it’s poisoning and killing the American people,” McGuire said.

And McGuire says there’s a big difference between himself and Congressman Bob Good. McGuire was just endorsed by Trump and says Good turned his back on the former president.  

“I think Bob is on the Bob Good team. And I am about moving America forward, I am about getting things done,” McGuire said. 

And while the 5th District seat has been Republican since 2011, McGuire says he wants to represent everyone across the aisle. 

“I am here to represent everyone. If you saved my life on the battlefield, I don’t care if you're male or female, pink or blue, Democrat or Republican, or what, we are Americans. I am certainly conservative, I have the highest award of conservatism in Virginia that’s called conservative excellence, but I treat people with respect,” McGuire said.