CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (CBS19 NEWS) -- For the first time ever, Charlottesville hosted an official USA boxing match for amateurs.

Usually, this event is held in Norfolk, Richmond, or Northern Virginia but after winning a few fights a couple of months ago, USA Boxing wanted to see what talent was in Charlottesville.

Brothers United to Cease the Killing has teamed up with the local boxing gym Wartime Fitness. Through the partnership, the organizations see the kids on the street and guide them on a different path. 

“Well, one we actually took a gun out of his hands. Yeah, he's about 14 years old and he just started boxing. So, he wouldn’t be in the event but he’s here so he isn’t in the street that’s the main thing,” said Herb Dickerson, with Brothers United to Cease the Killing. 

For some families, it’s about seeing the potential in their kids. 

“Their attitudes are more under control. That’s what Coach George wants them to be. To have control over anger, know when it’s the right time to feel the way you feel, and their patience with other kids. They don’t let things make them as mad as before,” said the mother of two fighters, Katie Cogar. 

As a family of athletes, seeing the internal growth made Cogar very proud. 

“They don’t let others influence them. Since going to boxing Coach George has said, you know we’re bosses and we’re leaders, and you’re the future and that’s how they carry themselves compared to before going to boxing,” she said.

Not only is this event making a difference in Charlottesville. It should also make Charlottesville proud. The team had a major victory by getting six medals on the home territory.