CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (CBS19 NEWS) -- The Charlottesville Free Clinic has expanded their dentist office and can now serve double the patients.

The office is located in the same spot as the rest of their clinics on Rose Hill Drive. CEO of Development Willa Barnhardt says this allows them to provide more integrated care.

She says they'll be able to double their current patient visits. Right now, they are getting 36 hundred visits a year.

Currently, there are 1,200 people in the Charlottesville area who qualify for services.

"Dental is actually overlooked so often. When somebody has a dental emergency, it can't be overlooked anymore and that's when we become very important to their lives," says Barnhardt.

The Free Clinic serves community members without health insurance. More information regarding this criterion is on their website. They are also accepting volunteers to staff the clinic.