HAVANA, Cuba (CBS19 NEWS) -- Senator Mark Warner, who serves as chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee, says he is keeping tabs on the group of four Russian naval vessels that arrived in Cuba on Wednesday.

Warner says he doesn't think this development is particularly extraordinary, but he's concerned about Russian activity anywhere.

"I am following this very, very closely," says Warner.

Their arrival comes as tensions persist between the United States and Russian President Vladimir Putin's regime as his war in Ukraine continues. President Joe Biden recently agreed to allow Ukraine to strike inside Russia directly using U.S.-provided weapons.

"We are always, constantly, going to monitor any foreign vessels operating near U.S. territorial waters," says Pentagon spokesperson Sabrina Singh. 

The Pentagon and State Department emphasize that there is no threat to the United States. But, officials say the US military has deployed ships and planes to monitor any exercises in the area.

"We, of course, take it seriously," says Singh.

Meanwhile, Biden is meeting with G7 leaders in Italy to discuss the conflict in Ukraine further. Warner remains supportive of the world leaders' actions.

"They are taking and putting forward a $50 billion loan to Ukraine, and that money is coming from Russian assets that are in the West, and I think we need to continue to send a strong signal that civilized democracies around the world will stand up against Putin's aggression," he says.

Canada has also deployed assets in the area.