CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (CBS19 News) -- The Belmont Bridge is finally complete, and the City of Charlottesville celebrated with a ribbon-cutting ceremony on Friday.

“We got thousands of input on what this bridge should look like and we think we got it right,” says Mayor Juandiego Wade. 

“It's absolutely amazing, seeing something built from the ground up, and actually really seeing it come together and all the great teamwork that went into making this project what it is today, it's absolutely beautiful,” said construction worker James Smith. 

The bridge, first built in 1962, has been under construction for three years. 

City manager Sam Sanders was on hand to speak at the ceremony.

“Shout out to my friends at VDOT, Sean, my partner in crime thank you for trusting that we could get it right and get it done,” he said. 

More than just the bridge got some improvements. The pavilion and sidewalks got some new upgrades, and the bridge has a new walkway. 

“It's beneficial to everyone,” says Smith.