ALBEMARLE COUNTY, Va. (CBS19 NEWS) -- Albemarle County Service Authority customers will see a rate increase on their bills starting this month.

According to information ACSA sent out, this is associated with investments made by the Rivanna Water and Sewer Authority, which is the wholesale treatment provider for ACSA.

RWSA is working on projects for the long-term sustainability of its water and wastewater systems, which is projected to cost $371 million over the next five years.

The proposed average rate increase for ACSA customers is seven percent, which equals about $4.50 per month of 15 cents per day.

ACSA says it is responsible for 60 percent of RWSA’s annual budget, and those charges make up about 63 percent of ACSA’s annual operating budget.

However, the service authority says it will be using its available financial tools to try and reduce the burden on customers.

Still, the improvements and projects will require increased funding beyond ACSA’s reserves, and ACSA expects RWSA will increase its charge by 14.3 percent for the next budget year to fund the work.

A release says ACSA leaders are aware of the current economic situation with inflation and the impact that is having on residents.

Under the new rates, the service charge increased by 73 cents to $11.13 and the sewer rate increased by 77 cents to $11.83.

The rate for multi-family or non-residential customers per 1,000 gallons went up by 78 cents to $11.93.

For residential customers, the changes depend on usage levels. For up to 3,000 gallons, the increase is 39 cents, while for between 3,001 and 6,000 gallons, the increase is 78 cents to $11.93.

For homes that use between 6,001 and 9,000 gallons, they will pay $1.17 more at $17.88, and for those that use more than 9,000 gallons, the increase is $1.56 to $23.86.

The projects include modifications to the Beaver Creek Reservoir Dam, construction of a new pump station and raw water piping in the Crozet area, work on the Observatory Water Treatment Plant as well as its piping and water storage, work on the Moores Creek Advanced Water Resources Recovery Facility, and construction of the community water supply plan that will put in a pipeline from the South Fork Rivanna Reservoir to the Ragged Mountain Reservoir to the Observatory Water Treatment Plant.

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