Hokies hope Robinson can return

Following Virginia Tech's loss to Florida State in the ACC quarterfinals Thursday, there was a hopeful feeling in the Hokies locker room.

@CBS19Sports Highlights Waynesboro vs. Western Albemarle

Western Albemarle boys soccer beats Waynesboro 6-0.

DisruptHR raises thousands of dollars for Computers4Kids

Thousands of dollars were raised for Computers4Kids at Tuesday nights Disrupt HR event.

Local gas stations react to new tobacco laws

Governor Ralph Northam signed legislation banning those under 21 from purchasing tobacco and nicotine products back in February. On Monday, Virginia Senator Tim Kaine announced he is working to make the ban nationwide. Local gas stations that sell the products feel as if the new law will not stop teenagers from finding ways around it.

@CBS19Sports Highlights Orange County vs. Albemarle

Albemarle boys soccer tops Orange County 2-0.


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