City begins work on ambitious climate action goal

Thu Jul 11 16:15:18 PDT 2019

City begins work on ambitious climate action goal

After the Charlottesville City Council voted for reductions in greenhouse gas emissions, now the city must figure out how to do it.

Piedmont Housing Alliance receives $50,000 grant

Piedmont Housing Alliance received a $50,000 grant from Bank of America to continue its work in the community.

UVA community helps fellow student after her game console was stolen

Katie Triggs battles with social anxiety due to her autism, and she said her Nintendo Switch helps her deal with it, but her game console was stolen out of her backpack. She never expected the response she got from her classmates when she asked for help.

Louisa vs. Western Albemarle Volleyball

Western Albemarle 3, Louisa 0

Louisa vs. Western Albemarle Field Hockey

Western Albemarle 7, Louisa 0

Grand Illumination

Charlottesville is making some changes to its Grand Illumination ceremony in December. The event will move from Center Place on the Downtown Mall to the much bigger Sprint Pavilion and City Hall Plaza.


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