Long brothers prepared for playoff matchup

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CHICAGO, Il. (CBS19 SPORTS) -- Sunday is turning out to be a big day for the Long family. January 6 is Howie Long's birthday. His present -- seeing his sons face off in the first round of the NFL playoffs.

The Charlottesville natives and St. Anne's-Belfield alums are playing for just the fourth time in their NFL careers. Chris Long's Eagles will travel to Kyle Long's Bears for the NFL wild card game. Chris holds to 2-1 lead in head-to-head wins, but Sunday's game will be the first meeting in the playoffs.

"I'm sure I'll hear questions all week about my brother but he's on the other team, so I got to figure out a way to beat him," Kyle said after practice Wednesday.

St. Anne's-Belfield head coach John Blake coached both players in high school and said he and his son went to the Eagles home finale, a 32-20 win over Houston. After seeing the brothers will play each other again, Blake said he sent a message to both players.

"When I texted them after the game on Sunday, I just wanted to congratulate both of them on making the playoffs," Blake said. "I know that wa very, that was very important to them, for their teams to do well. But I also said, sorry you have to go against your brother coming up this week."

Its the first meeting since 2017, a 29-14 Eagles win in Week Two. Chris one the first meeting while with the Rams in 2013. That was Kyle's rookie year in Chicago. Kyle's only win came in 2015 when Chris did not play because of injury.

It is also Kyle's first playoff appearance of his career. When asked if Chris gave him any pointers, he just laughed.

"We don't really talk a lot of football," he said. "This is my first go at it, so I'm kind of learning as I'm going."

When asked about their parents, Kyle said it probably won't be the easiest day on them.

"Probably going to be pretty crazy for them," he said. "I think its my dad's birthday on Sunday which will be, it will be a fun birthday for them. I don't think my mom will be able to watch. She'll be there, but she'll probably have her eyes covered the whole time."

Kyle made a comeback after missing six weeks with an ankle injury in Sunday's 24-10 win at Minnesota. That win, along with the Eagles win at Washington helped Philadelphia clinch a playoff spot.

"Its a great thing for them to be able to make the playoffs and play in this game," Blake said, "but again, I wish they both played on the same side of the ball so they didn't have to line up against each other."