Student Athlete of the Week: Katie Define, STAB

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CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (CBS19 SPORTS) -- Katie Define is hard to miss on any field at St. Anne's-Belfield because of her biggest character trait, her enthusiasm.

"We were just talking as coaches yesterday," said STAB girls lacrosse coach Mary Blake, "and just saying if we could bottle her up and have one of her every single year it would just be phenomenal."

"Having the ability to get your team hyped up and to make them feel like we can come back," Define said. "We can turn this around, that's the attitude you always have to have no matter what."

Even a position change couldn't squash her enthusiasm on the field. Define moved from midfield to defense as a senior on the lacrosse team. The transition has been easier because she plays defense on the Saints field hockey team.

"I've always loved playing defense," Define said, "because I love reacting to what attackers are going to try and do, but I just take everything with what it is."

"I put her down there and she hasn't batted an eye," Blake added. "She hasn't complained one bit. She's just taken it on as another role."

Define is a captain for the Saints, but she will miss a few games throughout the season because of her other passions. Define has been a member of 4H for eight years and rides horses competitively. Define does not know what her college plans are yet, but says biology is something she may be interested in studying.

One thing is for sure, she would like to continue to ride in college.

"Its really been one of the biggest shaping parts of my life," Define said.

"She loves horses," Blake added. "If you even say the word horse, she will just... she's just ecstatic about it."

"After practice, I usually go horseback riding," Define added, "so, I don't get home until eight or nine at night but its definitely something that I want really badly so I'm willing to put in those extra hours to do it."

Whether its on the field, on a horse or in the classroom, that hard work is something Define is always willing to do.

"The thing I'm going to miss about Katie is her enthusiasm," Blake said. "Her drive to be better and her drive to make everyone on the field better."