About Us

Red Shoe Cville (RSC) is a group of local philanthropic professionals who provide support to the Ronald McDonald House of Charlottesville (RMHC). Members of RSC volunteer at the House, raise funds for RMHC programs through events and organize socials to share our mission in the community.

Red Shoe Cville was founded in Charlottesville, VA in January 2012.

We support the children, families, staff, volunteers and donors of the Ronald McDonald House of Charlottesville.


Our mission is to engage, empower and inspire young professionals to participate in philanthropic and leadership endeavors and build awareness of the Ronald McDonald House Charities.

Meals From the Heart

When a child is receiving medical treatment for serious illness or injury, taking away the worry of "what's for dinner?" can be a wonderful relief. This is why one our favorite ways to help out at the Ronald McDonald House of Charlottesville (RMHC) is by volunteering for their "Meals from the Heart" program.

Red Shoe Cville volunteers provide a meal for RMHC residents on the third Monday of each month. If you're interested in helping out check out our Sign Up Page here or contact our Volunteer Coordinator Carl Schwarz, at caschwarz83@gmail.com or 417-540-1791.

If our regular dinner rotation doesn't work for you there are many other opportunities to give families - many of whom are through the hardest days of their lives - a little piece of mind the rest of the month. The goal at RMHC  is to have at least one prepared meal each day – breakfast, lunch, dinner, even brunch - so there are lots of chances to make someone's day a little better.  Some volunteers even come in just to bake cookies - and trust us, after a long day at the hospital, fresh baked cookies are a welcome sight and smell!

And don't fret if you're new to the process - the RMHC website provides everything you need to know about providing a meal. Plus, Carl is such a great guy that he'll even come to the house on your first evening to give you a brief orientation and make sure you're comfortable with everything.  Bon appetit!

Ronald McDonald House

A Home Away from Home

For countless families, the Ronald McDonald House of Charlottesville becomes the home they never thought they would need.  Sitting on a quiet street, just blocks from the University of Virginia Medical Center, it offers families a refuge, a place where they can find comfort, as they face one of life’s most unimaginable challenges: caring for child who is seriously ill. Learn More   

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