CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (CBS19 NEWS) -- Pouches made by students at Clark Elementary School have been donated to the Wildlife Center of Virginia for rescued baby opossums. 

The pouch making project was started by students who wanted to help Australian kangaroos affected by the bushfires.

"Every year at Clark, through the library, with collaboration, we try to do a community service outreach project," said Mary Craig, the school librarian. "One of the fourth-grade teachers had talked about Australia burning and needing these pouches for the baby animals, and so we decided to tackle that project and have the students make the pouches."

Eager to expand their project into the local community, teachers decided to donate surplus pouches to the Wildlife Center of Virginia, a hospital for animals native to the state. 

Alex Wehrling, an employee at the center, spoke to the students on Friday about how the pouches will benefit rescued animals in their community.

"In the next few months alone, we will see hundreds and hundreds of baby opossums, baby squirrels, baby bunnies, baby birds, all those baby animals," said Wehrling. "These are going to be so, so valuable and extremely helpful at the wildlife center for years to come."

Click here to watch a live feed of animals at the center.