CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (CBS19 NEWS) -- Two sisters are sharing the traditions they grew up with in Puerto Rico through their new book project called Luli Bilingual Books.

Lucy and Lizmer Montalvo were born and raised in Puerto Rico. Lizmer came to the Virginia after Hurricane Maria hit the island toward the end of 2017.

Lucy came back to the mainland when she obtained her degree in early childhood education. When she moved to Virginia, she became a teacher.

Her experience in the classroom inspired her to share her Puerto Rican traditions with the Charlottesville community.

"There were many beautiful books about different cultures and I really wanted to have one about Puerto Rico," said Lucy.

Lucy and Lizmer's first book is titled, "The ABC's of Puerto Rican Food." Each letter in the book symbolizes a different Puerto Rican dish. Lucy said this is one way they can highlight the traditions they grew up with on the island.

"All of the illustrations are from our stories growing up in Puerto Rico," she said. "We had so much fun reliving all of all of the memories and all of the fun things about our tradition and all because food is a huge part of the Puerto Rican culture."

It's a culture Lucy and Lizmer wanted to share with their neighbors to showcase their identity and their similarities.

"Even though we're different, we're all the same," said Lizmer. "Like all these memories from the children playing outside and everything I know everyone has those same kind of memories, even if they're not the same surroundings."

Through the illustrations of their memories and traditions, Lucy hopes this can be passed down for future generations.

"This book allows each person's legacy to be passed down to their next generation and keeping their culture alive to teach your children to be proud of your language and culture," she said.

The book is now available through Amazon. To learn more about Luli Bilingual Books, click here.