CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (CBS19 NEWS) -- A University of Virginia medical student has a goal of running in all six major marathons in the United States.

Courtney Duckworth has dealt with a health condition since childhood but she says nothing can stop her from striding to the finish line.

She just ran in the Boston Marathon, and her next race will be in New York City.

Duckworth has been running since her freshman year of college.

One of her biggest obstacles as a runner is dealing with her Type 1 diabetes but she says it can't stop her from speeding through the finish line.

In just a few weeks, she will raise awareness about the illness in the 2021 New York City marathon

"I was diagnosed at the age of ten, so balancing glucose levels has always been a consideration in any sport and was certainly a challenge when I started running marathons and took a lot of trial and error," Duckworth said.

She says she's had role models like Will Cross, the first man with Type 1 diabetes to climb Mount Everest, and Nichole Johnson, Miss America in 1999 who also has Type 1 diabetes.

She hopes this next feat can be a source of inspiration for others in her shoes.

"When I'm running, that's what I picture I'm doing for someone else," said Duckworth. "That chance to be that person, that relation, that inspiration is just such a privilege

Her race in the New York City Marathon will take place Nov. 7. This is her seventh marathon and her third major one, after running in Boston and Chicago.