CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (CBS19 NEWS) -- Witness testimony continued on Thursday in the Sines v Kessler trial.

Attorneys for the plaintiffs showed several exhibits from the trial of James Fields, Jr., who is the man convicted of killing Heather Heyer.

Fields has not appeared in court because he refused to testify.

First, attorney David Mills showed derogatory social media posts, including one in which Fields wrote, "Human beings in general are animals. Europeans are a superior subspecies. You should take a course on evolution."

Fields ended the post with a racial slur as well as attaching a picture of a black man and a gorilla to the statement.

Mills then showed video evidence of Fields driving his Dodge into a crowd of counter-protesters then rapidly driving away.

He then followed up by playing a phone call between Fields and his mother while he was in jail.

Fields accused Heyer’s mom, Susan Bro, of slandering him. He then angrily called her an anti-white communist who is the enemy and said it doesn't matter her daughter died.

Then the attorneys called expert witness Chatham University Associate Professor Dr. Peter Simi to the stand.

The sociology professor who studies hate crime and domestic terrorism said the rally was organized, mainly through Discord.

Simi was also used to examine several exhibits of Fields and other defendants to define whether or not they had pre-planned the rally.

Next, April Muniz took the stand.

She was present when Fields drove his car into the group of counter-protesters. Muniz says certain people need to be held accountable for her injuries.

She said the rally has caused emotional, mental and physical trauma.

Muniz said she is easily triggered by certain factors to this day, including rows of white cars, the Charlottesville Police Department’s Dodge vehicle, and the sounds of helicopters.