Every Thursday leading up to Christmas, KAKE News has traveled throughout Kansas to help you find the best local places to shop this holiday season. 

For this year's final edition of Shop KAKEland, we're heading to Kechi, where a glass blowing business has made its mark over the course of more than 40 years. 

"If you do it long enough, you become better at it," says Rollin Karg, the owner of Karg Art Glass. "And thank God, people like my work, so this is where we ended up."

Decades ago, Karg started off as a wood worker. 

After he took a glass blowing class, he fell in love with the art. 

"It's a profound level of satisfaction and nobody can take that away from you," he says. 

In the eighties, he started selling his blown glass art pieces from his garage. 

That business has grown to one that inhabits a large indoor and outdoor space. 

Large windows throughout the gallery allow light to shine through the multi-colored glass art pieces. 

"You can feel it, you can see the work, and you can see how people react to it," says Karg. 

Shopper Donna Calhoun is one of those people. 

"I am doing my Christmas shopping," she says. "When my parents and my family open the box, it's like, 'This is from the glass shop!'"

At Karg Art Glass, shoppers can find the work of local and national artists. 

The gallery offers classes where visitors can create their own glass blown art. 

Karg says the feeling of creating your own work is unrivaled. 

"There's nothing better, I don't think, than making something with your hands and seeing other people appreciate it," he says.

You can find Karg Art Glass at 111 N. Oliver Ave. in Kechi, about 15 minutes outside of Wichita.