CUMBERLAND COUNTY, Va. (CBS19 NEWS) -- A dog breeding facility that has been accused of violating animal welfare laws will be shutting down.

According to WTVR, Envigo will close the Cumberland County research and breeding facility that raises beagles for medical research purposes.

The facility has come under fire after hundreds of dogs were seized earlier this year.

There are still several thousand dogs housed in the facility.

A restraining order was imposed on Envigo due to dozens of alleged violations of the Animal Welfare Act, but that expired on Wednesday.

At a court hearing in Charlottesville on Monday, an agreement was reached between the company and the U.S. Department of Justice to remove the animals that are still in the care of Envigo at the facility and to shut it down.

However, there is now disagreement regarding how to remove the remaining animals.

Envigo wants to transfer or sell them to other facilities for research purposes and continue its business operations while clearing out the dogs.

The DOJ and animal welfare advocates say Envigo should not be able to profit from the dogs due to the allegations of animal welfare laws. Instead, they want to see the dogs adopted by families.

On Monday, a judge ordered the company and the DOJ to come to an agreement regarding safely removing the animals from the facility before it is shut down.