CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (CBS19 NEWS) -- E-bike owners held a demo day at Meade Park on Sunday afternoon to demonstrate how an e-bike can be used. They also shared the benefits of using one. 

These bikes have become very popular with people who live in the city. They are being used instead of a car to avoid traffic and gas prices, and it also helps the environment as well. 

“I do it for everything from going to the grocery store to bringing my kid to and from school, soccer practice, running errands, it’s just a really great way to get around,” said Guinevere Higgins, the event organizer. 

Some may argue it’s no different than a moped, but it is.

“It’s not a scooter, it really is a bike that requires like human power and in addition to the motor. So, the motor is really helpful if you just need a boost on a hill, or maybe you’re carrying two children and you have a lot of weight on the back and you need a little extra help,” Higgins added.

She said she hasn’t used her car in months, only turning to it for longer distances. This has helped her save money and get some exercise in as well.

Higgins did say she would feel safer if the city of Charlottesville had better bike-friendly infrastructure.