CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (CBS19 NEWS) -- October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month, which aims to bring awareness to resources available to victims of domestic violence. 

One such resource is the Shelter for Help and Emergency.

Within the last 40 years, Charlottesville has lost 86 people to domestic violence. 

“We always start with a vigil that happens on the first Monday of the month,” said Sarah Ellis, Fundraising for Shelter for Help and Emergency.

The event included a vigil to remember those who have been lost. This month also brings light back to a young woman who lost her life in Charlottesville, Yeardley Love.

Since the loss of their daughter, Love’s parents started the One Love Foundation to educate young people on what is acceptable in a relationship. 

“Yeardley's family took the incredible step of the one love foundation as a way to help prevent what happened to Yeardley and what their family went through from happening to another family,” said Ebele Onyema, the Director of Digital Content and Partnerships with One Love Foundation.

In honor of bringing awareness, One Love has launched three PSAs that deal with digital abuse. 

“So we really want to shine a light on the fact that abuse isn’t just physical that unhealthy behaviors can via our phone,” Onyema added. 

One Love and SHE are working together.

“One of our programs is a prevention program, we work in the schools and with the colleges locally to really get the word out to kids from kindergarten up,” Ellis shared.

The reality of bringing awareness is that it’s very likely you know someone who may be a victim.

“Over one in three women, nearly one in three men, and one in two trans or nonbinary people will experience intimate partner violence in their lifetime,” Onyema shared.

“So the chances are you do know somebody and it’s often a situation that’s kept quiet,” Ellis explained. 

If you know someone who may be in an abusive relationship, it can be hard to talk with your friend but it would save their life.

“Label the behaviors, not the partner,” Onyema said. 

This can be difficult to get through to your friend, but there are ways to approach the discussion.

“What you can do though is say, how does it make you feel when so and so requires that you always check in like how does that feel,” Onyema added.

One Love has pamphlets on its website with scripted conversations to better navigate this conversation. 

It also wants people to understand it may not get through to victims the first time. Victims usually go back to their abusers on average about six times before finally leaving.

“We make sure people know we are always here and it doesn’t matter how many times you need to do this, we are here to help you," Ellis said.

SHE will be hosting a 5k on Nov. 5 to finish off Domestic Violence Awareness Month.