ALBEMARLE COUNTY, Va. (CBS19 NEWS) -- Monticello High School hosts professional development for faculty and staff in Albemarle County. 

There were more than 100 sessions for teachers to learn innovative ways of teaching.

Seth Kennard, the principal of Baker-Butler Elementary School, says research has found ways to help students take information out of their short-term memory and move it into long-term. 

“The idea is we want teachers to have some skills in that area to be consumers of what they’re looking at," he said. "If they’re picking a diagram to teach with or they’re taking some other resource to look at it from the concept of will this help my students learn, will this focus on what they need to focus on? Or does it add too much strenuous stuff that makes it hard to comprehend?”

Kennard believes this concept will also help with the decline in test scores national. He has worked with the University of Virginia on this research and strongly believes it will help kids process information easier and remember it, rather than forget it two days later.