CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (CBS19 NEWS) -- Civilian calls to improve bike and pedestrian safety in Charlottesville are only increasing, and one step forward is a new wooded trail that keeps pedestrians off busy roads.

The Fifeville Trail connects four parts of town. It’s half a mile altogether and is split into two parts that meet in an "x."

One segment goes from Fifth Street to Seven 1/2 Street. The other goes from Greenstone on Fifth to Tonsler Park.

The Fifeville Neighborhood Association started the project to connect the neighborhood to Tonsler Park. Other groups then got involved and the result is a beautiful, quiet, multi-use nature trail.

One group that helped get a grant for the construction is the Piedmont Environmental Council. Peter Krebs, PEC's community advocacy manager, said the trail has brought more benefits than were originally imagined.

"So, it's connecting the park, it's providing transportation, and it's just a nice restorative place to be. I see folks riding their bike, I see people walking their dogs, I see people who I know for sure are going to work because they're wearing their work uniform," he said.  

Krebs said there is a lot of interest in making the city more accessible for cyclists and walkers, and the trail is an example of community members working together to make a change.

"It's something that the community pulled together relatively quickly and made a decision to do it, did it, and it was done. Now we have a lot of work to do to connect other parts of the community too," he said.

He said the trail is a continuing work in progress. Right now, the work is focused on adding lights.