LOUISA COUNTY, Va. (CBS19 NEWS) -- Each Friday, Louisa County Public Schools Superintendent Doug Straley gets to deliver good news to four classrooms across the division.

Members of the Louisa community nominate someone they call an MVP of the week.

“Their colleagues are recognizing them, parents are recognizing them, other students are recognizing them, so having an opportunity to recognize one another, it’s really something special,” said Straley. 

A committee oversees 400 nominations and narrows that down to four people who exemplify the characteristics for which the school division stands. These are support, high expectations, accountability, consistency, positivity, and grit. 

Straley added that being recognized for those characteristics builds the Louisa community up for greatness. 

“Any organization that takes on those six non-negotiables for those six characteristics, you’re going to be successful. And that’s something we hope all of our team carries on to life with them,” he said. 

An array of emotions was seen from the winners, from tears to the biggest smiles.

Straley says that something as small as a certificate can make a person’s day. 

“The program means a lot to folks to be recognized and appreciated for what you do, valued for what you do. And we have a special team here, we have a lot of individuals that make up a true team, as a whole and they all work so hard and are so passionate about what they do,” added Straley. 

But the best part of the MVP program is the way it brings the community together. It is not a competition, but a way to celebrate one another.

“It’s not all about me, me, me. It’s about all of us as a team and being excited for one another. Something great is happening and it’s truly a special trait,” said Straley.