CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (CBS19 NEWS) -- Two student organizations at the University of Virginia have been found guilty of hazing, which is against university policy and state law.

Women's Club Gymnastics and the University Guide Service, which provides guided tours around Grounds, were investigated by UVA and found guilty of hazing new members during the fall semester.

According to the report, Club Gymnastics engaged in hazing during the group's initiation event.

New members were instructed to perform stunts, with failure resulting in new members having to take a shot of alcohol or water. New members also played drinking games.

Meanwhile, the University Guide Service was found guilty of misconduct involving a current member encouraging new members to chug alcoholic drinks.

New members were also offered alcoholic beverages during an event and traveled in cars to undisclosed locations to wear "potentially embarrassing" clothing and perform stunts.

The report detailing the investigation is required to be public per "Adam’s Law," named for Virginia Commonwealth University student Adam Oakes, who died from alcohol poisoning related to fraternity hazing in 2021.

The law, which also mandates hazing training for advisers of student organizations, took effect this past summer.

UVA has reported a total of seven groups guilty of hazing since then.

The student-run judiciary committee will decide on sanctions for Women's Club Gymnastics and the University Guide Service.

For more information on hazing rules at UVA, click here.