ALBEMARLE COUNTY, Va. (CBS19 NEWS) -- "Shocked" and "caught off guard” are the words CEO Angie Gunter used to describe the allegations against her and the Charlottesville-Albemarle SPCA.

"I have been caught off guard by this and simply, it's hurtful," she said in an exclusive interview. "I've been taken aback by it. I've been shocked. Some of the people I don't even know."

Almost 100 former staff and volunteers have come forward, describing what they call a hostile work environment and improper care for the animals. A group came together Friday night for "a call for change" following the former care manager's resignation. 

"I am just outraged and incensed that the shelter is being ran the way that it is and I definitely want to see a change in leadership," said Betsy Greco, one of the protesters.

On Friday, the CASPCA Board of Directors issued a statement through a public relations team saying, "CEO Angie Gunter enjoys positive feedback from the community, and has the full support of the board of directors."

"It’s just been a real shock right now, but there are still people in this building that are supportive of me and the organization," said Gunter.

The statement from the board goes on to say there has been no evidence of animal neglect or cruelty and members will continue to work with everyone involved to make the shelter a better place.