CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va (CBS19 News) -- Victory Hall Opera is pushing boundaries with their production of Orpheus and Erica, and is including performers of all kinds in their opera, including hearing actors, deaf actors, opera singers and UVA Chamber Singers.

“As you can imagine, it’s a very complex process,” added Brenda Patterson, who plays Orpheus in the production.

After years of discussion and collaborating, Victory Hall Opera added a new play within it to further their storytelling.

Along with sign language interpreters and the cast learning ASL, this production allows all the actors to come together to tell a beautiful piece of art.

"We're trying to create a piece of theater that will speak to deaf and hearing audiences alike, in different ways. But, we're very conscious of making it entertaining, engaging, and moving to both audiences," added Patterson.

The reason for Orpheus and Erica is to be able to tell a story people are familiar with, but having audiences leave with a newfound appreciation of communication and all the ways people can show their emotions, expressions, and words without speaking. 

“I mean it’s an ongoing learning process, we’re learning about these different kinds of languages, different kinds of theater and physical expression, and also in finding the commonalities, ‘What is at the root of language?’ What’s at the route of music?’  and ‘How do we as human beings just express ourselves in the world?’” added Patterson.

So what can audiences expect when they see this production?

“It’s going to be an amazing production, the audience is going to have three different languages coming at them. They’re going to have singers singing in Italian, they’re going to have deaf actors signing in American Sign Language, and then they’ll have the English super titles up top,” added Amber Zion.

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