STANARDSVILLE, Va. (CBS19 SPORTS) -- A few William Monroe Middle School students are getting some extra credit in their history classes, after taking home first, second, and third place prizes at this year’s National History Day Competition.

National History Day is a competition where students create historical research projects, while developing skills in communication, project management, and historical thinking. 

Sixteen of those prizes went to William Monroe Middle School students, who demonstrated exemplary skills in this year’s theme Frontiers in History: People, Places, and Ideas.

One project talked about the Transcontinental Railroad, and took home first place in the individual documentary category.

“I picked it because it was basically about how the West was built up, and I felt like it was important,” added Mukund Marri, one of the winners from William Monroe Middle School.

These students would work in and out of school, and watch documentaries, read articles, and immersed themselves in the topic they were presenting on.

Having a competition like this does not only build knowledge, but love for history as well.

“We touch on everything from civil rights, women’s rights, all different kinds of topics that the young people can get involved with, and it gives them a way to get into something that they’re interested in,” added Robert Stewart, teacher at William Monroe Middle School.

Next year, the students hope to take home more gold medals and expand their love for history even further.