WESTERN ALBEMARLE (CBS19 SPORTS) -- Luke Kielbasa was recently recognized as a top 5 student-athlete in Virginia as a tennis player. 

“It felt nice because I feel like I do work pretty hard and it’s the environment I’m in I feel like my school at Western Albemarle is a tough environment. Students push themselves really hard,” said Luke Kielbasa, Western Albemarle senior boys tennis player.

But his head coach says other kids work harder because of Luke. 

“But Luke’s, he’s our leader, he’s our only senior and he has what I call sort of an enthusiasm that flows to the rest of the team,” said Randy Hudgins, Western Albemarle Boys Tennis Coach.

Luke has excelled in tennis.

“He’s never lost to a public school opponent in his high school career,” said Hudgins.

 And when he’s not on the court he’s excelling in school, and giving back to his community. 

“I feel like all the students here do a really good job of that, and I feel like I’ve done some extra work outside of the class, in school, on the tennis court it was really nice to get that commemorated,” Kielbasa said.

Luke has won three state championships in his four years at Western Albemarle, hoping to bring another title home this year. He says he knows his team is ready. 

“I mean every practice if I’m not putting 100 in they’ll beat me. So, they push you to go really far, really hard,” Kielbasa shared.

He’s not sure what his next steps are.

“I have I think 9 more schools coming back at the end of March, early April,” said Kielbasa.

Luke says he knows he’ll stick with this sport. 

“But no matter where I go I’ll still keep the sport around with me whether it’s varsity, club, intramural, something like that,” Kielbasa added.

Western Albemarle started their season on Tuesday.