CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (CBS19 NEWS) -- Charlottesville City Police responded to the shots fired early Saturday morning on Elliewood Avenue. Later that morning CPD reported that the victim died. 

Businesses on the UVA Corner are shocked by the shooting that hit so close to home.

“It's getting even closer to home now, in our backyard. I never ever thought that we would ever utter the words. There was a murder in our parking lot in all of 41 years never thought I'd be uttering that,” Mark Lorenzoni, Co-founder of Ragged Mountain Running Shop.

One owner says he’s never worried about anything like this before.

“We worry about vandalism signs being stolen, you know vomit to clean up, you know maybe a broken window but the gun firing, the shots, this is completely new,” Paul Collinge, Owner of Heartwood Books on the Corner.

People who have lived in the area for decades say they never thought this kind of violence would happen this close to them.

“This is really unexpected for something like this to happen it just goes to show you how there’s change on the street and the community,” said Ryland Coles, who has been a Property Manager on Elliewood Avenue for decades.

One business was even left with a bullet hole in their window.

“It didn’t penetrate all the way through, from my understanding. It shattered the glass and spread it all over through the whole apartment. It didn’t come through and my little office is right next door. It’s getting closer,” said Coles.